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Coaching tiki-taka

Preamble: “This is not a ‘how to…’ book. Instead, this book explores the history of possession and pressing football while breaking the modern day model of high-pressure & possession (tiki-taka) down into it’s many layers and components. Coaching the Tiki-Taka Style of Play explores the development theory for youth football players, curriculums and football clubs before diving into ‘tiki-taka’ specific training sessions and tactical scenario solutions. This book is for coaches who consider themselves ‘students of the game’ and wish to look beyond today’s model of football styles. I didn’t expect to walk away from this book rethinking how I saw the game!”

Tiki-taka football, an approach to football popularised by Spain and Barcelona in the 2000′s that is characterised by it’s short passing and one touch play. However, these two components alone would not prove enough detail to successfully implement an approach similar with your team: high pressing without the ball, lots of possession and “no transitions” according to Sergi Domenech (FC Barcelona youth coach at La Masia) are all high level components of an extremely layered and ‘whole’ approach to football.

As you will be aware, during a game, FC Barcelona tend to excel when in ‘transition’. However, La Masia coach Sergi Domenech informed me that FC Barcelona try to avoid playing in transition. FC Barcelona see transition as time lost. FC Barcelona are either attacking or defending and are NOT in transition.

Gareth Richards (p.158, Coaching The Tiki-Taka Style of Play)


Coaching The Tiki-Taka Style of Playis a publication written by Jed C.Davies in collaboration with the many who participated in interviews or permitted permission to observe and analyse training methods. With the assistance of Barcelona, Liverpool, Wigan and other coaches the book was written in such a way that it breaks down every component within the philosophy, allowing you to scrutinise each and every aspect to adapt and evolve the current day model.

An important part of the book looks at the evolution of the possession and high pressing philosophy right back since association football was established in the 1800s. Lobanovskyi, Michels, Cruyff, Guardiola and the Might Magyars of Hungary in the 1950′s have all played significant roles in the evolution of the philosophy.

As well as a tactical breakdown, the book looks at both the training methodology (50 observed training exercises) as well as the development theories to analyse the Barcelona model and your own too.


“Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play incredibly well researched. Highly recommend to any coach. Really impressed. Best football coaching book I’ve read in a long, long time. Great job”

England Women’s Manager, Mark Sampson

“I have been studying Spanish methodology, tactical philosophy and the possession style of play for over five years and I came away from this book with more than just a few ideas.

This book is an absolute must buy and will make you look at the game in a very different way. You might think that you’re buying a coaching book but you’ll come away with a masters in this style of play”

UEFA A License coach, Kieran Smith (former Manchester City & Tottenham Hotspur youth coach)

“The most useful football coaching practitioner book on the market”

David Adams (Wales U21 National Team Coach, head of coaching at Swansea City FC and UEFA A License Tutor)


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Please visit Soccer Tutor where you have the option of buying an E-Book or Paperback version of this book


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Inspire! Powered by WFA

Jed Davies is one of the founders of Inspire! Powered by WFA.

UnknownInspire! is powered by World Football Academy (founded by Raymond Verheijen in collaboration with a number of leading experts in world football) and our objective is simple: to inspire and educate a next generation of forward thinking coaches. We and our delegates are life long scholars of the game and our speaking and coaching events offer the opportunity to continue your coaching education through those at the very top of the game.

Inspire! currently offer education in three ways: (1) Coaching seminars and Lectures, (2) through our Inspire Mentorship programmes and (3) via our interactive blog.

Our coaching seminars and lectures are held regionally around the United Kingdom and cover a variety of themes from youth development and training methodologies to tactical and professional insights from a number of world class coaches and professionals involved in sport.

The Inspire! Mentorship programme allows for a much smaller number of coaches to observe and interact with those at the top of their area of expertise both on the training field and in the workshops. You’ll receive a signed certificate from each of the mentors and walk away from these events with more than just an idea.


“Inspire! is an inclusive and forward thinking approach to developing coaches”

Dick Bate (Cardiff City Academy Manager, former Manager of The FA Elite Coaching Course and England U16-20 Manager)

“The one event coaches must attend this year!”

The Coaching Family (@CoachingFamily)

About WFA

World Football Academy is the world’s leading independent education institute for coaches, staff members and practitioners founded by Raymond Verheijen in cooperation with a number of leading experts in world football, such as Guus Hiddink and Marco van Basten. As a major knowledge provider to several FA’s and clubs around the world, the WFA is the prime contractor for thousands of football specialists.

The WFA has a long tradition of football leadership and innovation. We continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. Our broad range of capabilities includes organizing courses, international conferences; publishing books and videos; continuously developing all related areas of expertise; presenting ground-breaking studies by scientific research; and providing tailor-made consultancy.

The WFA is active in over 20 countries in all continents, serving over 2,000 football specialists per year from their headquarters based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


"permanent concentration, mobility, rotation and improvisation.” - Marcelo Bielsa


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